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Goals for Business Development, Professional Advancement, and Community Service.


  • Create a forum/network and build synergies among members;

  • Undertake programs to effectively represent the interest of the Filipino American Architects and Engineers; 

  • Develop and strengthen professional excellence and economic stability of members;

  • Establish educational programs to disseminate and increase the technical and business expertise of the members; 

  • Promote interest in the Architectural, Engineering, and related technical fields among the younger members of the Filipino American community. 



The Filipino American Society of Architects and Engineers of Southern California is committed to the following objectives:


  • To promote and enhance the well-being of the Filipino American Architects and Engineers in their pursuit of a high standard of professional, technical and business practices for the public good.


  • To advocate for the overall advancement and professional growth of the members of the association.


  • To establish a medium of communication and networking among members and the business community in general.


  • To promote means of rendering civic and community services


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